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Empowerment in trade and market

A trader may not be aware of it, but he has developed a way of thinking that is unique because of the work environment and the goals that he has set for himself. Let me tell you that this is a basic knowledge that is useful and may even change the way you look at the market. To some, this is a life-changing moment from being a loser to becoming a winner. Here are three approaches to the market that a trader may have developed. Which of these are you?

The first attitude is pessimism. Roget's thesaurus even used a simple slang with a jab to define pessimism: cold feet. Dr. Van K. Tharp in his article said that this approach never works. However, even though traders have been well-advised on this, some traders still sulk in their pessimism over the market. Let us expound some more.

The key to forex and trade success is YOU. Yes, you. This is like Master Yoda telling a young padawan that the Force is in you. Hence, the main factor that will make you win or lose in the market is you. Now given this power, think about the result if you tackle your forex business with pessimism? Most likely, you will lose money. Why? Even if you have all the knowledge in technical analysis, you cannot get the best or even the better out of them because you do not believe that it will truly work. If you are cold-feet, you cannot move forward.

The second approach is randomness and neutrality. This attitude hardly ever makes anyone successful. It may be a bit of a foot forward than pessimism, but it is still way far below optimum. Again, the point is that you are you. You have the power in trade to chart your success. Given that you are in the neutral zone means that you are not willing to unlock those potentials by taking on challenges and honing your trading skills. Our advice: don't settle for anything less. If you can have more, get the most.

Finally, we have the attitude of empowerment. Your object is to get your peak performance. You have the proper goal with the proper track. With this kind of attitude, you are capable of having success in most of the time because you have been willing to give your best efforts in achieving your goals. Like they say: high dreams, high achievements.